Product Listing

Wherever there is a need for White Metal Products and Alloys, you can depend on G.A. Avril. In stock and custom formulated to your specifications.

Product Available Form Application
Anodes, Tin & White Metal Based Ball, Oval, Flat, Round, Star Plating, Cathodic Protection
Antimony Sheet, Pure Foundry, Ammunition, Construction
Babbitt Alloys Bar, Ingot, Wire Bearing Assembly & Repair, Capacitor Manufacturing
Came Extruded Channel Stained Glass Assembly & Repair
Custom Castings Made to Order Radiation Shielding, Fork Lift Counterweights
White Metal Alloys Bar, Ingot, Ribbon, Wire, Sheet, Type, Anode, Wool, Brick, Pipe Industrial Assembly & Repair, Babbitt, Pewter, Ballast, Radiation Shielding
Tin Based Alloys Bar, Ingot, Ribbon, Wire, Anode Industrial Assembly & Repair, Stained Glass, Plumbing, Radiator, Babbitt, Pewter, Powder
Sheet Sheet, Roll, Plate Radiation Shielding, Sound Attenuation, Roof Flashings, Storage Tanks, Shower Pans
Master Casting Metal Ingot Custom Casting
Tin Base Pewter Bar, Ingot Casting, Forming
Ribbon Extruded Cladding, Preforms, Radiator, Assaying, Wine Capsules, Jewelry, X-Ray, Utility
Solder Alloys (including Tin Based) Cast Bar, Extruded Bar, Ingot, Wire, Core Wire, Anode, Ribbon Industrial Assembly & Repair, Stained Glass, Plumbing, Radiator, Jewelry, Wave Soldering
Tin, Pure & Alloys Bar, Ingot, Wire, Anode Industrial Assembly, Alloying and Repairs
Type Bar, Ingot Work-holding Applications, Corrosion Protection